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Are you a {my}dentist patient looking for the dencover offer?
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how does work?

Visit your dentist and ask for an itemised receipt when you’re treatment is complete

Click here to login to our member area, enter your treatment details and upload a scan or photo of your receipt to submit your claim

Once your claim has been approved, we’ll confirm by email and send the payment directly into your nominated bank account (unless you prefer a cheque)

Claims should be submitted within 90 days of the completion of your last treatment in any course.
We reserve the right not to pay any claims submitted after 90 days.

You are free to visit any dentist of your choice in the UK.
Use our free find a dentist tool if you need to find your local dentist

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From having the widest range of dental insurance plans to choose from, to having the lowest qualification period around for private restorative treatment, we’re confident you’ll find plenty of good reasons to choose dencover.

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