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National Smile Month 2016

2016 03 03
National Smile Month is the UK's most popular and long standing campaign to promote good oral hygiene and dental health. Let us give you the lowdown......

​What Is National Smile Month?

This annual event is the country’s biggest and longest standing dental health campaign, encouraging participants to embrace good dental hygiene. It has taken place every year since the 1970s - this time around it celebrates its 40th year!

Where and when?

National Smile Month takes place in a variety of participating organisations across the UK, from May 16 to June 16, and, of course, online.

Who is involved with the event?

The event attracts thousands of participants and organisations each year, including dentist surgeries, pharmacies, schools, colleges and workplaces, encouraging them to maintain, promote and educate good oral hygiene.

What are they aiming to promote?

The key message of the campaign is threefold: To encourage people to brush twice a day, to cut back on sugar rich food and beverages, and to see the dentist on a regular basis for routine check ups.

How can I get involved?

You can head to the National Smile Month website to register your interest. They’ll send you a Registration Pack, and keep you updated on events and info around the campaign. You can also head to their Events Hubto stay updated on the various activities the event, and to their Twitter and Facebook pages.