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Protect Your Teeth With A Mouthguard

2016 12 16
Dental Mouth guards can be used in specific situations to help protect your teeth. Read on to learn why they might be useful…..

What exactly is a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a protective covering made from rubber and/or plastic, designed specifically to fit over the teeth and keep them safe.

When would I need a mouthguard?

A mouthguard is typically used in sports to protect the teeth from injury - either in contact sports such as boxing, rugby or football, or in other ball-based sports like cricket or hockey.) They even come in coloured designs to match your team.

Mouthguards can also be used in situations where people grind their teeth, (known as bruxism). This helps to protect the teeth when sleeping at night. (Source: NHS Choices)

How can I get a mouthguard?

Your dental practice should be able to make one for you, made specifically to fit the shape of your mouth - helping to protect against dental and oral injury, and even from concussion.

What does a mouthguard cost to make?

The exact cost depends on your mouth, why you need it, as well as the dental team you choose to do the job. It’s worth getting a written estimate of the costs before starting on any work.