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Here you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions about Dencover’s products, plans and jargon busting terms.

Jargon buster

Here we’ll help you to understand some of the commonly used jargon within dental insurance.
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Benefit limit

the most we will pay as set out in the Table of Benefits.


a single initial dental appointment that you urgently need outside of practise hours to get immediate treatment


your legally married husband or wife, or your registered civil partner, or a person who is permanently living with you in the same household as if they were your husband or wife or registered civil partner.

Pre-existing condition

a medical or dental condition, injury, illness, disease, sickness or related medical condition and associated symptoms, whether diagnosed or you knew about or should reasonably have known about at the start date, you have seen or arranged to see a dentist about during the 12 months immediately before the start dat


a partner, child or any other immediate family member related to you by blood or law.


work carried out on the member’s teeth and / or gums that is covered by this policy.

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