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Here you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions about Dencover’s products, plans and jargon busting terms.

Jargon buster

Here we’ll help you to understand some of the commonly used jargon within dental insurance.
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Benefit year

the 12-month period immediately following the start date and each period of 12 months after that.

Clinically necessary

treatment recommended by a dentist or specialist to ensure the maintenance of good oral health.

Cosmetic or aesthetic procedures

treatment to improve your appearance but not clinically necessary such as tooth bleaching and whitening, including laser treatment to whiten your teeth.


the amount stated on the schedule that you agree to pay each month in return for the cover we provide.

Cancer (oral)

a diagnosis of a malignant tumour


This is the amount you will be paid by Dencover following receipt of a valid claim. This will be calculated based on your policy and benefit entitlements.

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