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For all your questions about our products, dental plans….

Here you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions about dencover’s products, plans and jargon busting terms.

  • When will my cover start?

    Your cover will begin straight away and you can use your plan to claim for check ups, x-rays and scalings today! Remember, you may have to wait until your qualification period is over before you can claim for certain treatments though. Take a look at the table of benefits for full details of the qualification periods.

    What do you mean when you say ‘Start claiming’? (qualifying period)

    This is the set amount of time you'll need to wait before you can claim for certain treatments. For example, you can claim towards check-ups from day one on your policy but will need to wait 60 days before claiming for a filling.

    Can I claim for pre-existing conditions?

    No. We cannot provide cover for treatment received directly relating to a condition that you've seen or arranged to see a dentist about in the 12 months prior to the start date. For full information, please read the Policy wording.

    Can I claim for NHS and private dental treatment?

    Yes. You’re able to claim for NHS or private dental treatment, no matter which policy you choose. Check out each of the dental insurance plan entitlements to see how much you can claim for each treatment.

    Why are there two annual limits in ‘Uncover your Smile’ and ‘Recover your smile’?

    You receive an overall annual benefit limit for Fillings, extractions and dentures. This is the amount in bold.
    For Crown, bridge and root canal treatment, the amount shown in brackets is the annual benefit limit. Please note that the amount shown in brackets is not an additional annual maximum, this will deducted from the overall annual maximum .

    What’s the difference between your policies?

    The main difference between the plans is the amount reimbursed as the benefit limits increase through the range. We offer a wide range of policies so you're able to choose a plan that works with your budget.

    Am I eligible for dental insurance

    You're eligible for this policy if you're a permanent UK resident over the age of 18 on the start date

    Can I claim from day one?

    Yes! You can use your policy as soon as today to claim for a check up and clean. However, if you require further treatment, the qualification period will apply.

    What is the maximum joining age for dencover?

    There is no maximum joining age for dencover.

    How can I pay for cover?

    We accept payment via a straightforward Direct Debit agreement, you can set this up when you sign up for a policy. To change your nominated payment account, please contact us on 0800 180 4505.

    I am not registered with a dentist, can I still get cover?

    Yes you can still get cover, you can use our Find a Dentist feature to find a dentist local to you.

    Please advise if this policy covers smokers?

    Yes you can still be covered with dencover if you are a smoker.

Jargon buster

Here we’ll help you to understand some of the commonly used jargon within dental insurance.
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By treatment, we mean any listed dental procedure shown on the benefit schedule which is carried out to maintain or restore your dental health, including treatment as a result of an accident/injury and treatment for mouth cancer.

Call-out fee

the cost of attending a dental practice outside practice hours when you're seen by a dentist or specialist.

Cosmetic or aesthetic procedures

treatment to improve your appearance but not clinically necessary such as tooth bleaching and whitening, including laser treatment to whiten your teeth.

Clinically necessary

treatment recommended by a dentist or specialist to ensure the maintenance of good oral health.

Additional adult

By additional adult, we mean your spouse, partner, siblings, children above 18 years old or parents who live in the same property as you. Up to 3 additional adults are allowed on the same level of cover as you and you must pay a premium for each insured adult.

Benefit year

By benefit year, we mean the 12-month period from your policy start date and each 12-month period thereafter until your cover ends.

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