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Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about our plans, claims process and policy terms and conditions.

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for on this page, please visit our Contact us page to submit a question directly to us.

  • Where can I get more information or additional help when making a claim?

    If you prefer to speak with someone before making a claim please contact one of the team on 0800 180 4505 or email

    How do I make a claim?

    To make a claim:

    1. Go to the My Policy page which is the members portal and login using your dencover username and password (registration required to gain access).
    2. Select ‘Make a claim’ from the member portal menu, enter all of the required treatment details and upload a scan or photo of your receipt.
    3. Once the online form is fully completed please ensure that you click ‘Confirm and submit claim’ to send your claim to us.

    How can I find out how much I can claim for my treatment?

    To find out how much you can claim for each treatment that you are insured for, please login to the member portal and access your benefit table in your Policy Schedule.

    You can also view an up-to-date benefit table which includes the remaining policy annual benefit limits for each insured person. The table can be found under the ‘Remaining benefit limits’ section on the ‘My policy’ page. To access this page, click ‘My account’, select ‘Open’ under ‘My policies’. From here you should click on the information icon next to each insured person listed on your policy.

    Alternatively, you can contact us in any of the following ways:

    • By logging into the member portal. You can find the members portal by going to the My Policy page and log in using your dencover username and password (registration required to gain access).
    • By e-mail:
    • By letter: dencover, Milton Court, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 3LZ
    • By phone: 0800 180 4505 (Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm)

    Please see your Policy Schedule for full details of how to make a claim on your dencover policy.

Jargon buster

Here we’ll help you to understand some of the commonly used jargon within dental insurance.
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We will cover dental treatment needed to restore your teeth and/or general oral health to their pre-accident condition. We may ask for additional information such as police and hospital reports as evidence of any incident. Treatment must start within 48 hours of the accident and be completed within 30 days.

Call-out fee

the cost of attending a dental practice outside practice hours when you're seen by a dentist or specialist.

Pre-existing condition

By pre-existing condition, we mean a medical or dental condition (except for pre-existing periodontal conditions), injury or illness that

• the insured person knew about or
• had treatment recommended/planned by a dentist

in the 12 months before the started and returns within 24 months of the policy’s start date

Additional adult

By additional adult, we mean your spouse, partner, siblings, children above 18 years old or parents who live in the same property as you. Up to 3 additional adults are allowed on the same level of cover as you and you must pay a premium for each insured adult.


This is the amount you will be paid by dencover following receipt of a valid claim. This will be calculated based on your policy and benefit entitlements.


We will cover urgent treatment completed during a single emergency appointment for severe pain or trauma to your teeth or mouth, including trauma that prevents you eating, acute infection(s), or stopping bleeding after removal of a tooth. This does not include any permanent work received during an emergency appointment - this will be subject to your routine policy benefits.

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