Dencover NHS

Dencover NHS is our most affordable dental insurance plan starting at £4.99 per month; that’s just 16p per day! NHS offers cover for check up and hygienist charges from day one, so you can join today and claim today! Further details of the excellent benefits offered can be found in the table below. You can also compare NHS against another level of cover or simply click the big pink button to get your personal quote in a in a couple of clicks.

From £4.99
per month

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£ - Maximum benefit for each policy year     % - Amount reimbursed per claim      - Start claiming

Discover your Smile

Routine check ups and x-rays



Uncover your smile

Scale & polish/hygienists



Recover your smile

2 months

Fillings, extractions, dentures, crowns, root canal and bridges



*Maximum benefit for crowns, root canal & bridges


Worldwide cover


15 days


Worldwide cover


15 days


Max. 20 nights


3 months

Oral cancer

One off single payment for lifetime of the policy


2 months

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Popular questions about our cover

  • Can I claim for something that has been treated in the past?

    Unfortunately we're unable to provide cover for dental treatment you knew about, had treated, or arranged to see a dentist about in the 12 months prior to your start date.

  • Can you pay my dentist for me?

    You need to pay your dentist first for the treatment you've received and then submit your claim along with proof of payment to us.

  • Can I claim for NHS and private treatment?

    Yes. You’re able to claim for NHS or private treatment, no matter which policy you choose. Check out each of the plan entitlements to see how much you can claim for each treatment.

  • Can I use my policy straight away?

    Yes, you're able to use your policy from day one to claim for check ups and scalings.

We’ve got a lot more useful questions and answers on our FAQs page

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